Val Cooking Again

All about the foods.

Gyoza Dipping Sauce

Here's the quick and dirty info: 1 tbsp hot water 1 tbsp soy sauce 1/2 tbsp rice vinegar 1 teaspoon sesame oil (1/2 if you don't want it too strong) 1 garlic clove / minced 1/2 tsp brown sugar 1 teaspoon ginger couple flakes of chili a little green onion Mix it up, spoon it on, refrigerate the leftovers!

Garlic Steak Bites

I've always loved steak. I haven't been like "order me a t-bone" or anything, but I LOVE a good steak. Savory, cooked to medium, medium rare (depending on the place) I just cannot help but enjoy a good steak. When I was a teenager my signature thing was "teppenyaki steak" and I would cook that for the family. I thought teppenyaki was so cool as a kid. But since then I can now appreciate good marbling, a nice pink inside, and a delicious fat...

Instant Pot Mac & Cheese

Ahhh, mac and cheese. A vegetarian meal, or a lovely side dish that pleases all ages. You know before I moved out on my own, hell, even for the first 15 years, I stayed far away from real mac and cheese. Something had me in my head saying I would hate it. How weird is that? But then, I decided, what the hell. And I am in love. My goodness! The cheesy, the savory, the creamy, the delicate balance of cheeses! And in the instant pot?! Yes,...

Mushroom Tortellini

As a child I hated mushrooms. Like loathed them. What was with this fungi that was spongy, and woody? As an adult, I can't find enough recipes to make with mushrooms! Luckily my family enjoys mushrooms like I do, and that makes me a happy camper. During the week, I just don't have the time for elaborate meals so this meal is served up in under 30 minutes and as a crowd pleaser. It's time to leverage prepackaged pasta to your advantage. Easy...