Cooking My Way Through Gilmore Girls: Introduction

cooking my way through gilmore girls

I’ve loved Gilmore Girls since day one. I have a Gilmore Girls (GG) phrase tattooed on my person. Yep, I’m that hardcore fan. I have rewatched the series countless times. I had my own little watch party when A Year in the Life was released. I’ve made stickers of my fandom. I love this show.

According to research, they say that rewatching TV shows is better for your cognitive load as a stress reducer, and reduces your anxiety. This immersion in a fictional world gives back self-control and just puts us at ease. So it goes without saying that in my most challenging times I often watch Gilmore Girls, or have it playing in the background as ambient noise.

Right now, we are actively in a difficult foster care placement. Our kiddo is a dream. She is smart, has a sense of humor at the ripe age of 1, strong willed and fiercely independent. The placement itself has left us feeling out of control, out of sorts really; and one morning when I couldn’t sleep, I decided that I would take a different approach with GG. I’d cook my way through it.

I’ve often found my most comforting times are in the kitchen. My favorite past times have been sharing a meal. And it quite possibly may be that the sixth love language really is cooking. So it’s not rocket science that I turn to cooking and Gilmore Girls to offer me comfort as I inwardly panic about the lack of control I’m experiencing lately. Plus, this is productive, fodder for the masses and nourishment for my little (and others). GG is 153 episodes and while that is quite a challenge – I’m not sure I have that attention span to cook literally every episode. If you know about Lorelai and Rory Gilmore you’ll also know that cheeseburgers, coffee and pizza are high on the list of most consumed foods. I’m not sure that would be quite as crowd pleasing either.

Finally, I decided to cook my way through the Gilmore Girls: Official Cookbook. Maybe I have a hard week and I cook more recipes than others. Other weeks I cook just a few. I haven’t really planned much beyond the premise. So we’ll adapt as we go!

Want to come along for the adventure?

  • You can purchase the Gilmore Girls cookbook here. If you’re looking for others, I also have these cookbooks of the Unofficial kind found on Amazon.
  • I’ll be posting videos on my TikTok.
  • Leave me a comment below on which recipes you’d like to see me succeed at (or attempt) haha.
  • Sometimes I’ll post adaptations or shall we say, interpretations, of the recipe on the blog in more of a Val Cooking Again (VCA) style. You know, quicker recipes, kid friendly, or removing ingredients/downsizing ingredient quantities. You get it. If we’re talking GG terms – sometimes I’ll Lorelai it instead of Sookie.

Copper boom!

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